Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism

Due to the main focus areas of research, in the Institute of Clinical Chemistry special expertise exists in the field of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism.
In the second year of the medical curriculum the fundamentals of the structure, function of lipoproteins as well as lipoprotein metabolism are taught as part of the ‘metabolism’ lecture series. Some inherited lipid metabolism disorders are described to better understand the molecular basis. In addition, the importance of dyslipidemia and its treatment for atherosclerosis are explained.
The clinical lectures in the third, fourth and sixth years of the medical curriculum focus on the role of plasma lipids as cardiovascular risk factors as well as on the differential diagnosis and therapy of lipid metabolism disorders.
The latest developments in the diagnosis and therapy of lipid metabolism disorders are presented and discussed in the optional study modules ‘cardiovascular system’ and ‘transport’.
The ‘molecular medicine’ seminar series of the Master’s degree program in Biochemistry focuses on the molecular mechanisms of inherited lipid metabolism disorders, the relationship between lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis, and the pharmacological treatment of lipid metabolism disorders.

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